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The MIR3 and Send Word Now solutions from OnSolve are the market leading mass notification and alerting applications for critical event management and resolution, as well as operational messaging in support of normal daily activities. These powerful tools are used globally by organizations to successfully manage events that present threats to business continuity, employee safety and security, facilities, customers, and other key audiences.

Emergency Notification

Emergency situations of all types can have an extremely negative impact on business operations and employee safety. Whether it’s an active shooter, weather event, industrial accident, global travel alert or any other type of critical event, having the best emergency notification tools available is key to keeping people safe and businesses running.

Business Operations

Sharing information with employees, partners, customers and more is critical to business success. Whether it’s an all hands notification, a facility closure due to inclement weather, a supply chain interruption, or secure messages between executives a proven mass notification platform is key to efficient business operations.

IT Alerting and Cybersecurity

Today’s businesses rely on a diverse set to technology tools and other related systems to keep things running smoothly. Many of these systems are closely tied and rely on each other to get the expected benefits. Sharing information and alerts when a critical system is interrupted or a cyber-attack occurs is key in continuing operations and preserving system integrity.

Customer Communications

Customer satisfaction leads to greater customer loyalty and retention. Sharing key product updates, system status, account changes and more provides customers of all types keeps people happy and informed. Systems capable of managing these messages and different audiences become a key part of any customer awareness and retention program.


Businesses of all size and type rely on technology tools from a wide range of vendors. Selecting best-of-breed solutions provides businesses with the best possible tool for each use case. Easy integration between these solutions and a mass notification or alerting solution enables companies to send necessary messages reliably and securely as each system generates important information.


Employees can use smartphones and other mobile for all of their daily activities. This level of mobile computing power has caused the number of mobile workers to skyrocket in recent years with more businesses hiring and managing fully mobile work forces every day. Providing these remote employees with necessary updates enables them to stay connected to the business and make decisions quickly and effectively.

Critical Capabilities

Everything a mass notification and communication solution requires, and more.

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Multi Channel

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User Interface

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Global Network

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Two-way Communication

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The mass notification and business continuity requirements are often unique to one or more industries where a company focuses. The OnSolve solutions are used successfully in a almost every industries, providing unique capabilities for critical communication use cases, as well as the most complete set of general notification and alerting functionality available.

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