High-speed Critical Communication Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

Large enterprises rely on flexible, reliable and full-featured critical event management software to deliver important messages to staff, clients and other stakeholders

Solutions from OnSolve meet the needs of any enterprise

MIR3 from OnSolve is the market leader in high-speed mass notification software for critical event management. The powerful tools in MIR3 are used by the world’s largest and most respected enterprises to ensure business continuity, disaster recovery and enhance daily operations by providing clear, concise message delivery throughout the organization and beyond.

The Definitive Guide to Business Continuity Planning

In order to help guide enterprises in preparing for all business continuity scenarios using tools like MIR3, OnSolve has created this handbook to guide you in developing a BC plan from start to finish, as a tool to test and improve your existing plan, or for anything in between.

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Financial Services

OnSolve mass notification solutions give financial institutions like brokerage houses, banks, accounting firms, law firms, credit unions and other financial service organizations an easy to use and reliable platform to reach staff and customers in minutes. These types of companies experience a wide range of events that make a proven solution for mass communication and collaboration more important than ever.

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Manufacturing requires precision and clear communication to keep production running smoothly. When critical and day-to-day notifications are needed, it is important to be able to rely on a system that is efficient without sacrificing security. Reaching a large number of employees and stakeholders does not have to be a complicated process, and OnSolve solutions can help.

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Large-scale healthcare facilities with thousands of employees require safe and secure solutions tailored to hospital or other clinical environments. Business continuity and patient well-being rely on protocols centered around proper communication practices. With a high-speed mass notification solution, your ability to keep healthcare providers and staff connected is easy and efficient.

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Putting MIR3 from OnSolve to work for you

Enterprises now have to function on a global scale. As staff and stakeholders are increasingly mobile, working in remote locations worldwide, comprehensive solutions for sending emergency and general notifications to all audiences must be used. Businesses are constantly faced with disruptions from severe weather, nearby construction, earthquakes, political unrest, infrastructure failures, power outages and more. Companies have a responsibility to their employees and stakeholders to protect and inform, as well as maintain business continuity. When important messages need to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people in different locations and on different devices, you need a reliable system that can take on these important tasks.

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Power and Flexibility

Because of the flexibility and rich features now available in MIR3, enterprises are leveraging automated mass notification tools for crisis communications and much more. Many are finding that critical event management software can also be used as a powerful tool for business continuity and disaster recovery, daily operations, supply chain, IT alerting, management, CRM notification, and more.

  • Easily send an important message to any number of people at once, allowing for immediate, individual response with an automatic audit trail
  • Deliver desktop alerts by sending messages to either a person or group based on workstation location
  • Automate weather or event alerts, subscribe to regional weather alerts, and trigger a notification when warranted
  • Use notification placeholders, dropdown or text fields requested at initiation to alter the notification message based on selections
  • Rely on the Geographical Information Service (GIS) to target alerts by location in the case of regional threats or evacuations
  • Control access and security with hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions to grant or restrict user access
  • Utilize DataSync to import data from LDAP or other applications without manually entering and synchronizing
  • Alert users about potential interruptions or gather information in a variety of different ways to speed decision making
  • Help leaders decide when to share more information, adjust recipient groups, initiate a quick conference call or continue to gather information

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