Critical Communication and Event Management for State and Local Government

Effective, high-speed mass notification solution to reach residents and stakeholders during a crisis or any type of emergency

Effective Crisis Management Begins with Communication

When seconds matter most, state and local agencies of all type turn to CodeRED from OnSolve to provide the necessary high-speed community and emergency notifications and instructions. No matter the size of the agency or the population they are responsible for, every organization can benefit from complete disaster preparedness planning accompanied by the most complete communication solutions available.

CodeRED is focused on delivering targeted high-speed mass notifications through a variety of delivery paths simultaneously. The’ fully redundant infrastructure is deployed across multiple power grids to ensure your notifications are sent without delay. Delivery options include landline, cellular, email, text, social media, mobile applications, IPAWS, RSS feeds, and more.

Experience is Crucial to Protecting Citizens and Property

OnSolve and CodeRED have the longest, most direct history of working with state and local government agencies to protect residents and keep stakeholders informed. The CodeRED mass notification solution from OnSolve plays a crucial role in crisis communication and preparedness plans for thousands of agencies throughout North America.

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Law Enforcement

Create a comprehensive communication solution during a crisis with the OnSolve products. With reliable and powerful products like CodeRED, your agency can effectively reach residents, business owners, employees, and other key stakeholders to protect life and property in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

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State, Local and Federal agencies all bear tremendous responsibilities around public safety and awareneness. In many cases the ability to communicate effectively in order to manage resources becomes the vital component in any crisis management plan.

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Performance Testing

CodeRED leads the industry in emergency notification software performance testing, a practice in which each new client sends messages to their entire emergency database to test for speed, remove inaccurate data and ultimately provide a cleaner calling database so the system can be used at peak efficiency in case of an actual emergency. This test increases awareness, generates interest and builds the database.

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