Hazmat Analytical and Alerting Service (HAAS)

Communicate effectively when Hazmat emergencies occur to protect lives and property

Provide updates during a Hazmat crisis

The CodeRED HAZMAT solution helps organizations maintain compliance with legislative mandates, take the uncertainty out of what to communicate, while providing the communication tools necessary to alert and update those potentially impacted. In these situations, critical information must be disseminated immediately before significant exposure affects first responders and the surrounding public.

Plume Modeling and Scenario Templates

Assisting in preparation for any Hazmat emergency.

CodeRED HAAS uses a facility’s reported chemicals and their quantities in conjunction with advanced algorithms to model chemical behavior of toxic plumes, fireball explosions, and other pertinent events to determine the safest stand-off distance. Shape files demonstrating worst-case and moderate-case scenarios are then indexed in CodeRED so they can be accessed instantly to alert those impacted.

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