IPAWS Access Directly Through CodeRED

Providing officials with additional channels for communicating with the public

Emergency Communications Through Every Available Channel

In early 2011, OnSolve personnel worked closely with the FEMA System’s Architect on IPAWS, providing the first interface that could successfully post messages to IPAWS in the same year. The CodeRED IPAWS interface is regularly demonstrated by FEMA officials at events across the country.

The solution is housed on redundant servers in geographically separate data centers on dedicated physical servers to ensure maximum performance and availability. Through the CodeRED interface, communities with IPAWS, are able to amplify their emergency communications and reach as many citizens as possible with critical news, updates and instructions via multiple communication channels without the need for them to opt-in.

A unified communication platform

CodeRED for IPAWS enables federal, state, territorial, and local-alerting authorities to warn the public about serious emergencies via the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Collaborative Operating Groups (COG to COG), and other public alerting systems, all from a single interface.

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