Send Word Now Desktop Alerting

Ensure recipients see alerts when occupied with other activities

Fully Integrated Desktop Alerting Capabilities

Employees and other potential recipient groups spend a large portion of their time on their personal or business computers each day. During this time, getting their attention to ensure they see important notifications or updates can be extremely challenging. The Send Word Now Desktop Alerting functionality enables administrators to send “pop up” alerts that interrupt on-screen work, appearing in front of any open applications. Alert recipients must acknowledge or close out the alert before resuming their task, helping to ensure a specific message is seen.

Send Word Now Desktop Alerting Features

  • Send customized text alerts to recipient desktops
  • Pose questions and receive Get Word Back responses from an alert window
  • Tailor the look and feel of the alert window including size, font, color and more
  • Send “silent” notifications in volatile situations such as an active shooter

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