SWN Mobile Initiator Application

Leverage every feature for sending alerts to any audience simply and efficiently

Send Notifications and Alerts Anytime, Anywhere

Send Word Now provides a dedicated iPhone and Android application that enables administers to send messages at any time and monitor for responses. This mobile capability enables companies of all sizes to respond immediately when any type of event occurs, regardless of location. As employees and other key audiences become increasingly mobile, being able to send information whenever needed is one of the most important aspects of keeping people and property safe and secure, while ensuring the business continues to operate smoothly.

Administrator and Initiator Features

  • Send alerts and notifications from Send Word Now
  • Provision users quickly and easily
  • Manage audience groups and segments
  • Synchronize contact information with offline resources
  • View message history for details on past notifications
  • Determine the exact status of an alert that has been sent
  • Review delivery statistics by various alert formats
  • View delivery and response reports as they come in
  • Initiate a conference call to discuss key issues
  • Coordinate and manage emergency response activities
  • Locate recipients with GPS
  • Leverage iOS and Android devices