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Avoiding Issues with Inconsistent Global Cellular Networks

While global cellular connectivity and their data options continues to become more and more pervasive, maintaining connections internationally remains very challenging for many users. In these situations, having dedicated mobile applications that provide access to alternative data connections for message delivery provides true redundancy and reliability.

OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile is a fully integrated mobile application that delivers alerts and allows responses through any accessible WiFi or other type of data network. This bypasses carrier networks, SMS gateways, and more to communicate provide critical messages through these types of data channels.

Mobile Features

Mobile Messenger

Send text HTML messages up to 1,000 characters to mobile devices. Mobile Messenger provides enhanced security with encrypted text alerts and settings that enable a message to “vanish” once read. Response options can also be included to collect valuable feedback from recipients.

Mobile Voice

Mobile Voice provides fully integrated voice capabilities using Wi‑Fi or other data networks to deliver high-quality voice alerts and conversations with no variable usage fees. Its IP end to-end design removes all dependency upon third-party carriers and makes communication virtually infallible— even under the worst of circumstances.


Locate permits the selection of a geographic area on a map (a geo-fence) and sends the alert to recipients who are physically within the geo-fence. For privacy, a recipient’s location is not tracked continuously. Instead, the notification is launched to recipients whose real- time GPS coordinates fall within the geo-fence.

Alert Approvals

Alert Approvals allows organizations to establish a message approval workflow to review, edit, reject or approve all messages created prior to sending. System administrators can assign role-based and scenario-based permissions that require alert approval, as well as assign specific approvers.


With Lockbox, documents can be “pushed” directly to recipients’ devices securely with data encryption and app passwords. This ensures recipients have the correct document with full version control, while providing administrators with the ability to easily wipe documents when employees leave or devices are lost.

Heightened Security

Mobile user authentication with touch and facial recognition ID options provides elevated security on supported devices. You can also send encrypted and user-credential-protected files to recipients’ devices and set messages to “vanish” once accessed.

How Can I Be Sure Send Word Now Is Right for My Organization?

Send Word Now offers the easiest, most reliable and most secure mass notification system on the market. Offering a 100% Uptime Guarantee as part of your robust service level agreement, Send Word Now gives you more confidence, better results and greater peace of mind. When doing a mass notification system comparison, remember that by choosing Send Word Now, you’re aligned with the only mass notification vendor to have an International Affiliate Testing Network in place to monitor ongoing infrastructure capabilities globally.

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