Community notification solution keeps Shawnee County, KS residents informed

The CodeRED solution from OnSolve was used to alert and inform residents of a local crime spree including mail theft, vehicle break-ins, and vehicle thefts.

Providing details to enable preparation and response

Shawnee County, Kansas recently experienced a rash of mail theft, vehicle burglaries and vehicle thefts prompting the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office to issue a countywide alert using the CodeRED solution from OnSolve as part of the effort to keep residents safe and informed. According to information included within the CodeRED alert, the Sheriff’s Office indicated that they had seen an increase in crimes throughout all parts of Shawnee County.

The Sheriff’s Office reminded residents to place outgoing mail in post office drop boxes and to collect all mail and packages delivered to their homes as soon as possible. “Criminals are following mail carriers and removing mail from mailboxes, looking for any information to steal your identity or financial information,” the alert stated.

“Criminals are also taking packages dropped off on citizens’ doorsteps.”

The alert additionally went on to warn residents to also keep their vehicles locked, with other property removed, and to ensure that spare keys are not left inside the vehicle. They advised folks that “Criminals are removing loose items found in vehicles including electronics, U.S. currency, purses, backpacks, firearms, garage door openers, keys and other miscellaneous items,” according to the alert issued.

Additional guidance then went on to remind residents that “burglars may approach a residence and if the homeowner is home, they make up an excuse for being on the property, such as they are looking for looking for someone else. The Sheriff’s Office asked residents to report all incidences immediately to law enforcement and provide details and subject descriptions, including vehicle make, model and tag numbers when possible.