High-speed notification solution finds missing juvenile in Flagler County, FL

Flagler sheriff credits CodeRED from OnSolve with finding missing juvenile suffering from bipolar disorder just moments after first sending a notificiation using the system to the local community.

Flagler Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home on Wellington Drive in reference to a missing juvenile. The parents of the 16-year-old informed law enforcement their son ran away from home after being disciplined.
The child, diagnosed as bipolar with the mental capacity of a 6-year-old disappeared without a cellular phone, money or even socks and shoes. Deputies quickly began searching for the juvenile and a K-9 unit was deployed in an attempt to locate him.
At approximately 7:20 p.m., authorities issued a notification through CodeRED for various sections of Palm Coast notifying residents of critical details regarding the missing boy. Residents were asked to call law enforcement if they had information about his whereabouts. Within moments of issuing the CodeRED notification , concerned citizens began calling in with tips about where the boy was last seen.
“Without this system and without the caring citizens who took the time to call, it could have taken hours to locate the boy. We are thankful to everyone who assisted us and for the safe return of the child,” said Sheriff James L. Manfre.
In 30 minutes the system made 12,720 calls, sent 1,036 text messages, and 1,458 emails to individuals in the local community seeking help in locating the missing child.
“Once again, CodeRED has proven its ability to save lives. After the call was launched, it only took 14 minutes for a concerned citizen who received the notification to contact the Sheriff’s Office and alert them to the child’s whereabouts. I cannot stress how important this tool is and ask that all Flagler County residents sign up for this free service if they’ve not done so already,” said Kevin Guthrie, Public Safety Emergency Manager.