ImpactWeather uses MIR3 for reliable severe weather alerts

Rapid two-way notification and response technology in MIR3 from OnSolve enables ImpactWeather to keep clients up-to-date on weather threats.

The number-one threat to business continuity is weather

Severe weather disrupts business operations more than anything else. It can strike without warning, trapping employees at work or home, damaging company facilities and threatening lives. To keep people safe, minimize damage and mitigate interruptions to operations, businesses need real-time forecasts and actionable warnings, while there is time to respond. That’s where ImpactWeather comes in, serving as the 24/7 outsourced weather department for hundreds of organizations of all sizes and in many industries.

The Problem: Reaching hundreds of clients immediately

ImpactWeather’s value to its customers hinges on rapid notification. Customers rely on ImpactWeather to rapidly deliver critical advance warnings of severe weather systems with enough time to make decisions and take appropriate measures. With hundreds of customers and multiple modes of communication for each customer, ImpactWeather needed a much more effective way to notify their clients of threats in real time rather than manually making phone calls and sending emails. They sought an emergency notification solution that was fast, reliable and easy to use so meteorologists could stay focused on monitoring the weather.

The Solution: MIR3 from OnSolve

MIR3 enabled ImpactWeather to send alerts to hundreds of thousands of people at once—on any number of communication devices—in minutes. ImpactWeather meteorologists are able to launch an alert by typing a custom message, selecting appropriate recipients and clicking “send.” The system then sends the message to every selected contact, by every pre-set communication method (including text-to-speech or recorded voice messages by phone), and repeats the message to recipients until they respond back to the system.

ImpactWeather increases value to its customers by using these MIR3 features:

  • Real-time reporting – When launching a notification, MIR3 provides reports of all activity updated in real time. This lets the meteorologist quickly confirm that clients have been notified and are taking action. Clients can review these reports later for auditing and process improvement
  • Text-to-speech for the clearest message delivery – Using advances in pronunciation accuracy and voice synthesis, the MIR3 text-to-speech engine provides clear and lifelike vocal delivery from typed messages. ImpactWeather clients actually prefer this to a recorded voice message
  • Call bridge offers a direct line back to the meteorologist – When an urgent weather alert requires direct client dialog with a meteorologist, the meteorologist clicks on the call bridge option within the notification screen before sending the alert. When receiving the call, clients can talk directly to their meteorologist by just punching a key on their phones

The bottom line

ImpactWeather offers constant weather monitoring, precise forecasting and immediate alerting. MIR3 from OnSolve enables ImpactWeather to alert an unlimited number of contacts at the push of a button, while keeping meteorologists on the important task of weather monitoring. Robust reporting helps ImpactWeather provide a complete summary of every event for client process improvement and accountability. ImpactWeather uses MIR3 to increase productivity and efficiency, providing maximum value, and effectively serving an ever-increasing number of clients.