Industrial gas supplier expands emergency communications for severe weather alerts

Two-way notification through MIR3 from OnSolve keeps lines of communication open for businesses threatened by serious weather events.

Severe weather threatens operations and MIR3 responds

When businesses are threatened by hurricanes and other inclement weather, operations get disrupted and lives are threatened. Companies in regions that regularly suffer the effects of adverse weather need contingency plans—and they need a way to keep information flowing to staff, clients and partners. Air Liquide, the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment was facing such a dilemma on a regular basis. “With numerous facilities located along the U.S. Gulf Coast, Air Liquide regularly experiences disruptions due to dramatic and severe weather.

The company needed a reliable way to alert employees about hurricanes and other interruptions to ensure their safety and to direct them in the case of change of work venue. At the same time, the company wanted a system that could assist in ongoing communications to over two hundred customers located along the company’s pipeline system. Prior to installing MIR3 from OnSolve, employees called clients one-by-one to notify them of looming events or business changes.

This process, sometimes requiring two or more hours to complete, made it a challenge to deliver critical messages—such as loss of power at a plant or price changes—in a timely manner. The manual calling process allowed for voicemail, but there was no way to be sure customers had actually received critical messages. Along with that, the process did not ensure that those most affected would be called first.

In order to manage these events more effectively by rapidly sending information to key stakeholders, Air Liquide turned to the MIR3 solution from OnSolve. In addition to critical mass notification capabilities, the solution also offered other features, like recorded response, so that Air Liquide could be assured that messages were not only delivered, but also received. MIR3 enables Air Liquide to stay in constant contact with its employees during foul weather and business disruptions, regardless of location.

How Air Liquide benefits from the MIR3 solution from OnSolve:

  • Easily launches mass notifications to a specified group of employees or customers by simply logging onto the Web interface, sending an email or making a phone call
  • Reaches thousands of recipients at the same time, whether staff or customers, by mobile phone, SMS, landline, email, pager, BlackBerry Messenger, fax, TTY or any IP-enabled communication device
  • Receives confirmation that important messages were received because recipients can respond by voice or by written message, with responses displayed in real-time as well as archived for reporting and auditing.

The bottom line

Air Liquide can now communicate with staff in just moments, even if they are scattered geographically. Weather status can be conveyed quickly and contingency plans can be shared in moments. When necessary, managers can be called together on a conference call with the touch of a button to share information. Customers can be notified quickly about power outages, price changes and other information, and can respond just as fast. Air Liquide can now keep staff focused on preserving resources and recovering from disruption rather than the laborious business of one-to-one communication.”