Plymouth County, MA community responds to CodeRED alert for missing boy

A missing twelve-year-old boy was found in the woods by a family who received the CodeRED notification regarding his disappearance.

A community is notified and then responds

In the early afternoon of March 2, 2016, a frantic father in Carver, Massachusetts called the Carver Police Department to report that his 12-year-old son was missing. When the call was received, the young boy had already been missing for two hours.

Carver Police Department responded immediately, checking the boy’s friends’ homes and preparing for a search in the wooded area behind his home. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department asked if the Carver Police Department wanted to send a message to residents alerting them of the missing boy. When they agreed, Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department then launched an alert using the CodeRED solution from OnSolve at 3:30pm on behalf of Carver Police Department to residents in the area asking them to assist in searching for the young boy.

Personnel from the Carver Police Department, Carver Fire Department, Carver public safety dispatchers, Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office, the Massachusetts Environmental Police, canine teams, Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) deputies, the state police, and the SEMLEC Search and Rescue team all responded to help in the search.

A woman who received the CodeRED alert relayed the information to her husband around 4:00pm, who then took his ATV into the woods to search. Miraculously, he found the child about half a mile away from his home in the woods and the boy was safely reunited with his father.

Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr. has been providing CodeRED to Plymouth and Bristol Counties for the past six years. “I am very pleased with this vital service. Time and time again we see the positive impact the calls make communicating important messages that keep our communities safe.”