Presque Isle County, MI utilizes mobile application for severe weather alerting

County uses remote mobile application to trigger notifications during dangerous winter storm in the CodeRED from OnSolve mass notification solution.

Keeping residents aware of severe winter storm threat

Presque Isle County, Michigan experienced several inches of snow and whiteout conditions on February 29, 2016 causing traffic issues and dangerous driving conditions. The County’s Office of Emergency Management wanted some way to reach the public and request they stay off the roads and remain safe during this winter weather.

At the direction of the Sheriff, a notification was sent using the OnSolve Launcher app to notify the public that they needed to stay off the roads until further notice and to dial 911 for any emergencies.

Over the course of three hours, the weather became slightly better and people were beginning to call in inquiring about picking their children up from school while being advised to stay off the roads. The office then sent out another notification informing the public that the roads had been re-opened, but to drive with extreme caution.

The following day, the Sheriff’s Office received several phone calls from residents thanking them for alerting them to the winter weather dangers in the area and inquiring further about CodeRED notifications. “Prior to signing on with the CodeRED system, I did exhaustive work to review other alert systems.

By far, CodeRED has proven on multiple occasions to be exceptional. From the sales staff to the team that was assigned to us for training and support, we could not be more pleased. I would highly recommend the CodeRED system to any agency that values the safety and security of its citizens.”