Southwest Airlines increases uptime with the TelAlert IT Alerting Software from OnSolve

Many IT and other business systems must continue to run smoothly in order for an major airline to ensure interruptions in flight operations or logistics that can negatively impact revenue and overall reputation.

Reliability is key in transportation and logistics

For nearly 40 years, Southwest Airlines has promoted an environment that gives their customers the freedom to roam. They pride themselves on providing low fares, outstanding customer service and a smooth reservation process—and they do all this with warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. Maintaining this level of customer service can be difficult when network interruptions cause website delays or reservations system crashes. To guard against such delays, Southwest Airlines has put protection into place to avoid network downtime, system failures and IT interruptions.

The Problem: How to keep critical systems up and running at all times

The airline industry is extremely competitive, and the team at Southwest Airlines knows it’s more important than ever to maintain good customer relations by offering the best service possible. To keep systems running smoothly and to maintain their competitive edge, they rely on messaging solutions capable of handling both automated and manual alerts.

According to Chris Pluta, a systems analyst at Southwest Airlines, Dallas Headquarters, “Every minute our reservation system or website is down means dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.” His team needed a reliable way to alert the staff with the skills and experience to fix issues, no matter where they were when the issue happened. As the company was already well established, any new alerting solution had to be compatible and easily integrated with existing hardware and software.

The Solution: TelAlert IT alerting and notification

Southwest Airlines chose TelAlert from OnSolve to provide fast, reliable and automatic responses to network delays and interruptions. TelAlert provides automated notifications, customized remote management and interactive voice response to ensure security and effective communications throughout the Southwest Airlines network. Once implemented, TelAlert rapidly reduced revenue losses caused by downtime in the reservation and website booking systems by ensuring the correct resources are notified immediately when a system issue occurs.

Benefits Southwest Airlines has reaped from TelAlert:

  • Decreasing time to resolve issues by ensuring that individuals or groups with the skills needed to resolve a problem as quickly as possible are notified and updated as soon as an issue occurs
  • Tracking alerts and outcomes through a closed-loop communication process that provides detailed reporting on who received alerts, when, and the responses the provided
  • Direct integration to ITSM tools throught TelAlert Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Connect with any device on any network including mobile phones, landlines, pagers and emails to ensure the right resources can be located and engaged as quickly as possible to address any system issue that arises

The bottom line

TelAlert from OnSolve paid for itself in less than three months by minimizing downtime and providing faster problem-solving solutions for both automated and manual messages entered into Southwest Airline’s help desk. The solution continues to function as a critical resource in managing the complex network of tools and systems needed to ensure an organization with the scale of Southwest continues to function smoothly and efficiently.”