University of California sends critical notifications to a mobile audience

Universities are incredibly active environments with students, faculty, and staff always on the move between classrooms, offices, dormitories, and more creating very unique communication challenges when critical information needs to be shared.

Communication is crucial when protecting students

The University of California is a world-renowned academic institution with specialties spanning 150 disciplines. Streamlined communications are an important part of the university’s efforts to keep campus activities moving smoothly through the day and everyone safe if threats occur.

The Problem: How to reach students and faculty in case of emergency

University of California Emergency Services wanted a way to provide emergency alerts to faculty and students, not just at one school but also across five campuses in the region. With students and staff constantly on the move, UC officials knew that to effectively contact each individual, they had to deliver notifications any device, whether that be an office phone, cell phone, email, or other device via SMS.

To effectively manage a potential crisis, the university would also need to be able to gather responses from recipients in order to direct security and disaster relief, all while ensure each person’s contact information remained private and secure.

The Solution: MIR3 from OnSolve

In order to address all of its mass notification requirements, the University selected the MIR3 solution from OnSolve because of its ability to contact the campus population across a wide variety of devices and receive a confirmed response from each recipient. They needed the option of sending voice, text and email messages to the entire registered student body and faculty across all five campuses, but they also wanted the ability to notify a subset of that population, based on location or level, for more targeted threats.

In order to provide accurate contact information while also ensure each individuals deatils were safe and secure, the OnSolve team worked directly with the University staff to quickly implement a customized contact management, web-based interface. Using this tool, anyone could self-register to recieve notifications, opt-in to receive different types of alerts and maintain contain information securely over time.

How the university benefits from utilizing MIR3:

  • Provides access to all contacts enabling officials to immediately notify everyone through any type of communication device registered in the system
  • Save stime in launching any alert or notification across all campus locations through a web-based administror interface, email or even a phone call
  • Provides two-way communication by voice or written message, enabling responders to more effectively target the source of the emergency and deliver aid The bottom line With a flexible, reliable, notification solution, university officials know that in the event of threat or disruption, campus residents can be directed to safety, lives can be protected, and emergency services can be quickly mobilized.