Venyu leverages MIR3 for internal and customer notifications

One of the world’s most established cloud service providers finds a way to deliver important messages to customers quickly and easily, saving time and money.

Keeping data in the cloud secure

Venyu is a premier provider of cloud, datacenter and data protection services. The company’s industry-leading solutions include cloud hosting, online data backup, virtualized disaster recovery, managed hosting and co-location, all of which rely upon geographically dispersed, ultra-secure datacenters.

The Problem: Keeping customers fully informed

Venyu takes customer care seriously and is careful to keep customers in the loop about any planned or unplanned actions at their datacenters. However, customers have different preferences when it comes to communication, with some wanting to be notified far more frequently than others. As the Venyu customer base grew along with their array of services, notifying customers became more and more complex. In 2007, the company was regularly spending six to eight hours to notify customers of scheduled maintenance.

Eric Gere, Director of Customer Care for Venyu, knew there had to be a better way. He began searching for a communication tool that would manage and sort customer contact data and provide a fast, easy way to reach customers.

The Solution: MIR3 from OnSolve

Through the MIR3 solution, Mr. Gere found the tools need to rapidly and reliably notify customers using their preferred channels and formats in order to provide all of the information needed to ensure businesses run smoothly in all situations. In MIR3, the Venyu team created a variety of easily customized message templates to cover most situations, which makes crafting a message easy. Messages now take just minutes to create and deliver, no matter how many people need to be notified.

The company uses the powerful database tool DataSync to integrate and update their master database regularly, ensuring every customer’s contact information is current so that all messages reach the customers they are intended to reach. Through this tool Venyu customers are also able to designate what information they want to receive and notifications are delivered to them by email according to their preferences.

When notifying customers of an approaching maintenance window, Eric can also easily set an automated reminder to be delivered as the actual date draws near. Delivering an important message to customers now takes just minutes rather than hours, saving the company time, resources and money.

How Venyu benefits from MIR3:

  • Rapidly delivers critical notifications either through the web interface or by placing a simple phone call or sending a basic email
  • Utilizes pre-existing templates to cover every possible messaging scenario and to shorten the time needed to customize content and distribute the message
  • Reach thousands of recipients simultaneously on their preferred devices in their preferred format
  • Keep the database clean and current using Datasync

The bottom line

“The choice was easy as MIR3 is easy and completely reliable,” says Eric. “We can count on it to always be up and working, no matter when we need it.”