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Tag: Active Shooter

Graphic image of a loading bar nearly full and the year 2018 in numbers

Three months into the year, 2018 has already been rife with disasters— both manmade and natural. From active shooter situations...

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Photo of a desk scattered with papers the most visible reads BCP Business Continuity Plan.

How will your business respond if faced with a natural disaster, a cyberthreat or an active shooter scenario? Will the...

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Picture of glass with a bullet hole and spider-web cracks radiating out from it

Looking back on the past decade, few would argue that certain man-made threats – active shooters, cybercrime, and workplace violence...

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Graphic photo looking down a street at sunset with 2018 painted on the ground

As we look forward to 2018, it is a time to reflect on the changes that have emerged in the...

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