Tag: Business Continuity Plan

Photo of a stack of blocks with RISK spelled out on them next to a ruler being held by a man in a business suit in the background.
May 7, 2018 by Sarah Hechler

In a crisis, communication is essential to keep employees, customers, residents and stakeholders aware and up to date on steps...

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Photo of a desk scattered with papers the most visible reads BCP Business Continuity Plan.
February 20, 2018 by Amanda Cupp

How will your business respond if faced with a natural disaster, a cyberthreat or an active shooter scenario? Will the...

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Photo of a laptop keyboard with a key that reads "Insurance" with the icon of an umbrella
January 22, 2018 by Amanda Cupp

Cybercrime will cost the globe’s businesses more than $2 trillion by the year 2019, according to a report from UK-based...

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Laboratory person with blue gloves inspecting a blue liquid filled test tube with a chemical structure overlay
October 9, 2017 by Amanda Cupp

A solid business continuity plan is designed to protect an organization from a wide range of different situations, both expected...

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Hand stopping dominoes from falling on a wooden table
September 7, 2017 by Amanda Cupp

National Preparedness Month is a great opportunity to perform some indispensable business continuity planning What would you do if a...

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Laptop with communication lines and shield with lock symbol
September 5, 2017 by Lisa Eifert

The degree of risk from cyber security threats that companies across industries are facing has grown rapidly in recent years. According to...

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