Tag: Community Preparedness

Graphic image of several tiers of balanced weighted metal balls
June 25, 2018 by Elizabeth Turick

When shopping for mass notification systems, there are more options than most people realize, and it can be time-consuming to...

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Photo of emergency personnel in an emergency situation
April 23, 2018 by Elizabeth Turick

You can’t wait until disaster strikes to create an emergency communications strategy, so make it a priority in the new...

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Photo of a road underwater during a flood
April 2, 2018 by Elizabeth Turick

According to the latest FEMA flood map data, 40 million people in the continental U.S. are at risk for a...

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Article Cover This Time Last Year....Emergency Communication Lessons during the 2017 Women’s March
February 5, 2018 by Elizabeth Turick

Pink hats with cat ears adorned the heads of women and feminist men in January and February of 2017. It...

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Skyline of New York City with two large spotlights at the twin towers positions
September 11, 2017 by Amanda Cupp

Experts have long argued that more sophisticated crisis communication protocols could have prevented many of the devastating human and commercial...

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Stack of papers with terrorism as a headline
September 11, 2017 by Elizabeth Turick

“This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. The broadcasters in your area, in voluntary cooperation with federal, state...

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