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Tag: Crisis Communication

Photo of a nurse holding a COVID-19 testing kit

A strong crisis response is supported by four core elements: four pillars of response. In our newly released COVID-19 Communications...

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Photo of a person holding a smartphone with a laptop in the background

It’s go time. A crisis has emerged, and you’ve got to communicate with countless individuals, assign responsibilities, and follow-up on...

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Graphic of a person in a doctors uniform using a tablet

A crisis communication plan ensures employees and other key stakeholders receive timely information for their safety. Mass notification technology has...

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Graphic image of a map of Earth with a technology style overlay

The first-ever PwC’s Global Crisis Survey was released this year with insights into over 4,000 crises that occurred at 2,000...

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Photo of a flooded street

Flooding in large swaths of the Midwest has already claimed the lives of at least three people and has caused...

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Photo of a stack of newspapers

Information travels more quickly than ever. If a disaster occurs in your community, you will need to work quickly and...

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