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Tag: Internet of Things (“IOT”)

A photo of Don Hall at Federal News Radio

Listen to Don Hall, Government Solutions Director at OnSolve, on Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy Original Article and Audio...

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Graphic of a woman against a city skyline surrounded by icons and moving her hands as if she is interacting via a holographic interface.

Technology has increased our ability to undertake dozens of tasks per day. While this means your government agency may get...

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Graphic image with various icons like wifi, plane, bus, and road over a blurred city

Mobile is far more than just smartphones and tablets. Barcode scanners, video cameras, and even Wi-Fi are considered mobile devices. In...

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Graphic image of the numbers 2018 with the two leading a line to a light bulb surrounded by icons

Last year, major investments and advancements were made in communication technologies, both within the mobile space and the Internet of...

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Graphic image of gears with two reading "IOT" and "Security"

The Internet of things is big business today, and it’s only getting bigger. Larger companies have begun incorporating devices with...

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Graphic image of the words Internet Of Things horizontal across a blue cubic perspective background surrounded by white icons of various devices like cameras, tablets, light bulbs, a home, and an ambulance.

Open scene on a mysterious figure furiously typing away at a keyboard. He/she is not only mounting a massive hacking...

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