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Graphic of social media icons having notifications for friend requests, messages, and updates.
January 24, 2017 by adam

Social media of all types have joined email, telephony and instant messaging as main stream communication tools that are used...

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December 4, 2015 by Alice Bourget

A notification system is always a good tool in time of crisis, but using it effectively can be tough when...

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July 27, 2015 by adam

We have all read some of the more recent articles about the use of social media in mass notification systems. While...

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June 12, 2015 by Alice Bourget

In other posts in this series, we’ve explored both monitoring and managing social media risk, and we’ve taken a closer...

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June 9, 2015 by Alice Bourget

Admit it. You’ve been thinking about Twitter, haven’t you? It’s shiny. It’s sexy. Everybody’s doing it. Even the POTUS. So...

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June 4, 2015 by Alice Bourget

As we discussed in our posts on monitoring social media and why to include social media in crisis management in...

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