Abilene, TX

The City of Abilene and Taylor County, Texas have benefited from an outstanding partnership with CodeRED for the last 13 years, using the system to alert our citizens of impending emergencies and disasters. CodeRED has been activated to warn Taylor County and City of Abilene residents about disasters such as floods, wildfires, and active shooter scenarios, helping us to keep our citizenry safe.

The Weather Warning feature of CodeRED was purchased in 2010 and is very popular with the subscribers in Taylor County. Without outdoor siren alerts, CodeRED is Abilene’s and Taylor County’s first line of warning. Previously, City and County officials would have to be informed of the rapidly approaching weather situation such as a flash flood, determine who might be affected, record a call and send it out through CodeRED. Now, with the Weather Warning system, calls are automatically delivered to targeted locations by CodeRED within seconds after warnings are issued by the National Weather Service for tornadoes, flash floods, or sever weather.