Belmont County, OH

Belmont County received a call regarding a missing 7-year-old in a rural area of the county at approximately 18:00. The initial report indicated that the child may have been taken by the child’s father, who resides in a different location. Law enforcement successfully located the child’s father after about 15 minutes and determined that the child was not with him. Fire and EMS were dispatched to assist with searching the area, along with UTVs from area fire departments. When law, fire, and EMS realized that the search of the immediate area was not successful, they opted to put out a CodeRED notification and expand their search area. The person who issued the notification is the supervisor here at 9-1-1 and is also a Fire Chief with one of the responding departments. He was out in the fire apparatus assisting in the search and utilized the ECN Mobile Launcher from his tablet to launch an alert at approximately 18:50. Approximately seven minutes later, a call was received from a neighbor who said the child was at their house playing. They weren’t aware that his family didn’t know his whereabouts. Units responded and reunited the child with his family successfully. While this isn’t the first incident of this type that CodeRED has helped our community with, it was one that definitely helped to expedite an end to a very scary situation for the family. CodeRED is an invaluable tool for Belmont County. I can’t express how happy we are to use your product.