Brimfield Township, OH

We could not be happier with the CodeRED system and what it has allowed us to do. We’ve deployed the CodeRED system for various emergencies, such as an industrial fire and missing persons, but also use it to disseminate general information like parade schedules, special events, boil water alerts, and water shutoffs. CodeRED has allowed us to communicate better to our residents and assures us that if an emergency should arise, we have an efficient platform in place to accommodate disseminating both the emergency and non-emergency information as necessary. In particular, we see great value in using the system’s mapping features, which allows us to target specific streets or neighborhoods and send alerts to those individuals impacted, helping us use our minutes intelligently. This can all be done so quickly and easily from an iPhone via the ECN Launcher app.

Additionally, what truly impresses me most of all is the company behind the solution. After Hurricane Sandy struck, ECN staff remained on call 24/7 for weeks to help clients push out messages. These are the kinds of people I want in place to help back me up if something bad ever happens in my jurisdiction.  To further demonstrate their commitment to the client, ECN’s Client Support team proactively reviews how we’ve used the system, offering  us tips and recommendations and showing us how to always make the most of the system.  ECN helps us get the best use out of an already technologically proficient system!