Fairfield, CT Police Department

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the great assistance you have provided the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut, during the last five years.  As you might remember, the State of Connecticut had purchased an Emergency Notification System and allowed all municipalities to use the system.  After several years of difficulties using this system, Fairfield chose to abandon the state system and migrate to CodeRED.  During the transition, your staff assisted us every step of the way.  Over 60,000 residents had no problems signing up for CodeRED.

Shortly after launching CodeRED, our state fell victim to several large weather events which called for ‘all calls’ being launched several times each day, for an extended period of time.  Each and every launch was accomplished with ease and the results were fast and flawless. We have little doubt that our ability to push timely information to our residents during these disasters, saved lives.   On behalf of the Town of Fairfield, thank you for developing and maintaining a product that touches our lives in so many ways, and helps to make our community safer.