Red River Regional Dispatch Center, ND

During an armed stand-off situation, our team at the Red River Regional Dispatch Center worked with the Moorhead Police Department and the Metro Street Crime Unit to ensure the situation was resolved as peacefully as possible without putting the lives of nearby residents at risk. In the event of such dangerous situations, we need to easily and quickly communicate with local residents to keep them updated and out of harm’s way – CodeRED provided us with this capability. Because the system is easy to use and the client support team partnered with us throughout the event, we were able to send shelter in place notifications to individuals impacted within the area. The Moorhead Police Department successfully resolved the situation without placing innocent lives in danger and we promptly sent a CodeRED update out to residents after the situation was resolved so they could return home and resume their normal activities. When seconds count, it is important that we know we can count on CodeRED and the CodeRED team to be reliable, professional, and to ensure our success with alerting our residents quickly.