Hamburg Emergency Services Office

In November of 2014, the Town of Hamburg received an unprecedented 87 inches of snow in a 48-hour period.  During those 48 hours of snowfall and subsequent days of clean-up, we sent 12 messages out to our community of over 58,000 people.

Without CodeRED, there would have been no way for us to remain in contact with our residents. Our ability to send proactive messages allowed us to keep our residents informed of the latest developments, what we were doing to help them, what we expected of them, and what they could expect from us.  Our messages contained information regarding the driving ban, safety messages, public safety instructions, and status updates. One important message that undoubtedly had major impact on our citizens’ welfare was a call to keep furnace air exchange pipes clear of snow to prevent dangerous CO from backing up into houses. Within minutes of sending that information, our Public Safety Communications Center processed 5 calls for possible CO problems. In each case, dangerous levels of CO were beginning to build in the homes which, if unrecognized, fatal consequences would’ve been a sure result.

Without the ability to contact residents by phone, text messages, email, TDD, the CodeRED Mobile App, and social media integration, I strongly believe there would have been a greater loss of life from