Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail

I am the Administrative Officer for the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail located in Williamsburg,Virginia. Since James City County started using the CodeRED System we have utilized the system to assist in recalling staff during emergencies at our facility. On a normal day when a recall is warranted we would have 1-2 staff members on the phone making  20 or more calls to direct staff to return in an emergency.

We have used the CodeRED for a test/drill with 4 major sections (46 Staff Members) of our facility. This test was very successful. It took only a couple minutes to put the message together and send it out. Upon launching the alert, our staff was notified and we had a 98% return of staff calling in to the facility in response to the alert within a 30 – 40 min time frame.

This program has enhanced and expedited our recall procedures tremendously. Not only have we gotten a better recall and emergency notification procedure, we have been able to free up those staff members that would be tied up making manual calls.

We have used another version of alert notification programs in the past and have found that the CodeRED is a lot easier to use, manage and update than the previous version.

Thanks CodeRED for putting tog