West Greenwich, RI

A suspect who had broken into houses and had several warrants out for his arrest fled from police officers in a more populated area of West Greenwich. As families and young children were nearby, I decided to send a CodeRED alert out to residents informing them of the situation and including a description of the suspect. Since I was in the field searching for the suspect, I decided to use the ECN Launcher application to build and send the alert directly from my mobile device. Within the next hour, we got several calls from residents telling us a man fitting the description in the CodeRED notification was seen trying to flag down cars on a road a few miles from where he had fled. Using this information, we were able to quickly locate and apprehend the suspect without putting any residents in danger. I am thankful that the CodeRED system was available to us to warn residents of this potentially dangerous individual and that our residents received this alert quickly so we could apprehend the suspect. We were very pleased with the CodeRED system’s performance and we will continue to trust the system in the future.