Yarmout Police Department, MA

I am writing this in order to express my satisfaction with the “CodeRED” Emergency Notification system. I am the Chief of Police in Yarmouth and been a Yarmouth Police Officer for 32 years. We are all in the communication age. “CodeRED” has given us the ability to give out real time information before, during and after an emergency. The Town of Yarmouth went on line with CodeRED the day before Hurricane Irene hit. We sent out three messages during the event. The system was easy to use and the messages went out quickly.

We have a very elderly community and many live alone.  Getting a phone call from the Chief of Police made them feel very reassured. With the power being out throughout the town, the phone was their only source of information. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of comments, letters and phones calls that I am still receiving about how thankful the people were for the information. The public make me feel like a rock star because of a simple phone call.

Since then we have used “CodeRED” to notify specific areas of town for two-“Crime Watch” meetings. Typically around 20 people show up for “Crime Watch” meetings.  We were shocked when over 300 residents showed up for each meeting. A show of hands indicated that over 95% came to the meeting because of the phone call via “CodeRED.”