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Today’s Digital World is a Game Changer for Business Notification Solutions Like SmartNotice

PhoneToday, public and private sector organizations can communicate at the speed of light because of technology. Emergency Communications Network (ECN), founded solely to provide mass notification solutions to the market, understands the requirements of dynamic organizations that need easy, reliable, and affordable communication tools. After serving public sector agencies for nearly two decades with our CodeRED community notification solution, we leveraged our vast expertise in this field to create a unique business solution called SmartNotice.

Ten years ago, businesses relied heavily on conventional emergency contact methods such as PA systems, two-way radios, and calling trees. But these tools are becoming obsolete, giving way to the increasing demand and desire to leverage modern technologies to drive efficiency. All too often, companies of all sizes search for the right mixture of social media, smartphones, mobile devices, and other means to communicate with employees down the hall, down the street, or across the country.

Frequently, communication tools are overlooked until a crisis occurs and emergency communication protocols are activated. It would benefit your business to have a plan in place now for when you need to locate employees to confirm their safety, notify customers of a product recall, or inform staff and suppliers about a location shut-down. During critical incidents, such as localized severe weather bulletins issued by the National Weather Service, time is of the essence. Make sure your employees have the necessary time to prepare and remain safe, whether they’re at work or anywhere else.

With this in mind, SmartNotice was built on a robust technology platform that includes redundant data centers, each housed within a different time zone across the nation to address potential regional network disruptions. A simple user interface that allows users, whether frequent and infrequent, to intuitively create and launch a notification to hundreds or even thousands of people within seconds is what makes SmartNotice a true mass notification solution for staying connected to your personnel.

When it comes to how we view mass notification, there are several differentiators we believe stand out with the SmartNotice solution. These include:

  • Ease of Use – The solution provides an intuitive user experience that requires little to no training or administrative burden and can be up and running quickly.
  • Multimodal Delivery – The solution provides a myriad of ways to deliver your messages such as text, voicemail, email, and mobile app, ensuring they are received.
  • Employee Interaction – The solution has several integrated features that allow you to obtain responses and information directly from your employees, improving two-way communication.
  • Flexibility – The solution is accessible via computer, tablet, and mobile device, giving you the ability to communicate from any location at any time.
  • Client Support – We provide you with a dedicated Account Representative to ensure your success. Our system professionals train you and stand ready to help you create and send notifications when you need assistance.
  • Affordability – The solution is the most cost-effective one on the market, making it easy to adopt a system for assisting your organization today.

Employee notifications have evolved. One-way messages such as AMBER Alerts serve their purpose for the general population, but dynamic enterprises like yours need a versatile tool that can be used to connect employees to the information they need, when they need it. It’s never been easier to interact with personnel regardless of their roles, shifts, titles, or distance. Make sure you are staying connected to them in this increasingly digital world.