Immersive Learning

Join us for instructor-led training classes designed to give you direct exposure into your OnSolve notification system.

Classes will include message-building exercises using nearly all available features and functions, hands-on tutorials, discussions, and best practices that will teach you to utilize notifications efficiently and effectively throughout your organization. Class attendees include users from many different industries around the world who use their notification system for many different applications. Attendees have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals and learn notification system use cases, solutions and best practices. Contact your OnSolve Account Manager for additional details and registration information.

MIR3 Customer Experience Program I (CEP1)

Designed for new and existing users who want to learn the basic features and functions within the MIR3 Notification system. This course is ideal for MIR3 system administrators and initiators who build and send messages. Over three days, participants will complete more than 20 structured, hands-on activities to configure and build a MIR3 system from the ground up. Once configured, participants will build and send several notifications to multiple devices using several different MIR3 features.

Class Schedule
June 16 - June 18, 2020: Atlanta, GA

MIR3 Customer Experience Program II (CEP2)

Designed for users with more experience in the MIR3 system who want to expand their knowledge to tailor the MIR3 notification system to their organization. This 3-day class expands on the lessons from CEP I and explores more complex, divisional hierarchy options, the concept of shared roles and role templates to control access, and some of the more advanced features of MIR3. This class focuses heavily on various use case scenarios, best practices, and alternate uses of the MIR3 notification system.

Class Schedule
April 21 - April 23, 2020: San Diego, CA
May 19 - May 21, 2020: San Diego, CA