Customer Story

Barren County Schools

Customer Profile

Barren County Schools, located in south central Kentucky, hosts 5,000 students in 10 schools.

Raising the Communication Grade


Barren County Schools relied on radio, TV, notes home and phone calls to reach their 5,000 students, but these methods were time-consuming and ineffective.


The district now uses OnSolve One Call now to send messages more efficiently to their entire community and numerous subgroups.


Since 2006, the high school alone sent 500 messages to more than 299,000 numbers and saved almost 13,000 hours.

The Situation

Located in south central Kentucky, Barren County Schools hosts 5,000 students in its seven elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and an alternative school. To communicate with parents and the community, the district relied on radio and TV for school closings, notes home for club and sports information, and office calls for student absences. These methods were timeconsuming and ineffective.

The Solution

With OnSolve® One Call Now®, district employees now send messages to the entire community as well as numerous subgroups. The district’s Instructional Technology Director typically sends messages to the entire district, while principals, secretaries, coaches and club advisers send messages to their respective schools or groups.

Communication has greatly improved and information is distributed more rapidly. Parents have come to depend on OnSolve One Call Now.”
— Melissa Moss
Director of Technology for Barry County Schools

The Result

In 2006, Barren County Schools began using One Call Now. Since then, the high school alone has sent over 500 messages to more than 299,000 numbers, saving nearly 13,000 hours. “We love the service. We have been so pleased,” said Melissa Moss, Director of Instructional Technology for Barren County Schools. One Call Now demonstrated its worth when the boys’ basketball team won the regional tournament, putting them in the state tournament the next day. Since it was necessary to cancel school, a One Call Now message was sent immediately after the game ended, alerting the community of the next day’s cancellation. Another time One Call Now proved invaluable was during a tornado warning issued at the end of a school day. A One Call Now message alerted parents that students were being held at school until the warning passed. Another message was sent when the warning expired and buses were released to take children home.

“For Barren County Schools and other districts, OnSolve One Call Now ensures timely message delivery and outstanding communication for students, teachers, coaches, administrators and entire communities.”