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August 16, 2018

View The According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), two million assaults and workplace violence instances occur every year....

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August 14, 2018

View The FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) provides sophisticated alerting capabilities to qualified agencies across the country....

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August 10, 2018

The official hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30, but for emergency officials in coastal states, this is a year-round process of preparedness. The 2017 season demonstrated the potential results of poor planning and communication, with the effects still evident in places like Puerto Rico.

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July 27, 2018

View The The 2017 storm season resulted in a staggering, record-breaking $282.16 billion in losses. With the devastation of 2017...

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July 21, 2018

View The What are the critical communication components needed to prepare for an emergency event such as severe weather, an...

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June 28, 2018

View The You’ve done your research, secured a budget and checked all the other boxes that go along with government...

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