Deliver Quality Patient Care and Manage Crises

Communication is the key to maintaining the careful balance of the fast-paced environments of healthcare and social services. Critical events such as a pandemic or an earthquake can disrupt the system and make it more challenging to get the right message into the right hands at the right time. To deliver quality patient care, manage staff and keep business operations running smoothly, providers need to enable seamless communications.

Here's How It Works

With the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management, county health departments, hospital systems and community centers can identify adverse events, inform patients and activate response teams. The HIPAA-compliant platform combines AI-powered risk intelligence with award-winning critical communications and enhanced incident management to help you respond faster in emergencies, ensure shifts are fully staffed and handle routine reminders for appointments and vaccine administration.

AI-Powered Risk Intelligence

Bolster COVID-19 response with real-time government statistics about the spread of the virus, as well as the ability to conduct contact tracing.

Comprehensive Critical Communications

Engage with staff members regarding day-to-day operations, emergencies and on-call staffing and scheduling.

Mobile-Friendly Incident Management

Access dynamic response plans, and empower teams to collaborate when a crisis threatens your patients, staff, IT systems or facilities.

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