Protect Patients, Staff and Property

How does your hospital manage uncertainty? From the threat of workplace violence to severe weather, civil unrest and disruptions in your supply chain, hospitals and other institutions have a duty to protect staff, patients, visitors and emergency response teams. AI-enabled critical event management allows you to detect events that impact your people, places and property, and send instant alerts to staff, patients and response teams so they can act quickly and mitigate risks to life and business continuity.

Here’s How It Works

Hospitals use the OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management (CEM) to identify and respond quickly to any critical event such as an active shooter or the threat of severe weather. The Platform combines AI-powered risk intelligence with award-winning critical communications and incident management to help you identify safety threats, relay important information and mobilize response teams quickly and effectively.

Actionable Intelligence

AI-powered risk intelligence filters through massive amounts of data to give you the information you need, when you need it, about threats to your staff, patients and property.

Rapid, Targeted Communication

When disaster strikes, use instant notifications to mobilize staff, manage an influx of patients and fill staffing gaps. Organize relief efforts between hospitals and prepare teams and direct responders.

Streamlined, Coordinated Response

Quickly respond to emergencies with a mobile platform that activates teams, minimizes downtime and maximizes control.

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