Engage with Your Community

Clear and reliable communications are the lynchpin of community access to essential health benefits and social services. Now more than ever, government agencies need a way to increase awareness of these valuable resources and a system that enables individuals to utilize them.

When your mission is to serve vulnerable populations, nothing is more frustrating than knowing the support is out there but people can’t connect with it. If people aren’t aware of the government benefits and assistance available to them, such as free COVID-19 vaccines and boosters or housing assistance, they won’t take advantage of them. You can change this narrative with the right technology.

Here's How It Works

OnSolve Critical Communications enables agencies to connect residents with the health and social services they need, when they need them most. Now you can deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Share information about tax refunds, fraud awareness, public area access program benefits and more. Today’s technology makes functionality more feasible – for your staff and the people they support.

Mass Notification

Maximize your reach with alerts via voice, text, email, social media and mobile app push notifications. Precise targeting allows senders to pinpoint groups of people based on key characteristics, including geographic location, building, floor, job role or capability.

Contact Data Management

Ensure your contact database is kept current and accurate with a registration portal where recipients can update their own information. You can also opt to populate your contact list by integrating with your existing business systems like HR database.

Free to End User Messaging

OnSolve pays the wireless carrier up front, so messages are exchanged with recipients free of charge. This removes the economic barrier to entry and increases accessibility, especially among vulnerable populations.

Multi-language Capability

Your messages are most comprehensible when recipients receive them in their preferred language. The translation capability supports over 29 languages and automatically converts your words to theirs for a seamless process.

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