Simple, Automated Communications for K-12 Schools

In an era so dramatically transformed by COVID-19, K-12 schools face challenges effectively communicating with staff, faculty, parents and students. Remote operations and virtual classrooms exacerbate the issue. Yet significant health threats, active shooters, dangerous weather events and other calamities still require school administrators to ensure they can communicate fast and effectively.

Here's How It Works

With OnSolve, schools can rapidly alert their people to potential threats, but also use the system every day for routine messages. They can also use OnSolve’s Safe School Helpline, an anonymous, early-intervention system that helps students cope with and overcome shaming, bullying, self-harming and other mental health stressors.

Streamline Communications

Contact the entire school or send messages to targeted groups via all available communication modalities simultaneously.

Protect Your Students, Teachers and Staff

Initiate alerts with instructions and response options to keep your people informed while collecting valuable feedback from their replies.

Leverage Award-Winning Technology

OnSolve is the recipient of two Platinum 2020 Secure Campus Awards from Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine.

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