Strengthen your ability to protect your community with the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)

Understanding IPAWS

IPAWS is the government’s national overarching alert system for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officials to use to keep their communities informed and safe. Public safety officials can send alerts via multiple communication methods within a geographical area.

These warning systems include:



(Emergency Alert System)

Local broadcast methods (radio, tv)



(Wireless Emergency Alerts)

Mobile devices in the impacted area



(Non-Weather Emergency Message)

NWS, NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR)



(Collaborative Operation Groups)

Other government agencies with IPAWS

Optimize Your Emergency Alerts

Optimize Your Emergency Alerts with FEMA’s New IPAWS Toolkit

Staying up-to-date on IPAWS guidance and best practices is key.

The Most Trusted IPAWS Software Provider

CodeRED is used by more than half of U.S. government agencies because of its ease of use, optimized performance and industry-vetted reliability.

The Most Trusted IPAWS Software Provider

How Does IPAWS work?


An Emergency Occurs.


Your agency creates an IPAWS alert within the CodeRED system.


An alert is sent via WEA, EAS, NWEM and/or COG.


Your community receives the alert and is able to act.

Optimize Your IPAWS Alerts

Optimize Your IPAWS Alerts

OnSolve’s Don Hall was an early advocate of IPAWS and sits on the FEMA National Advisory Council IPAWS Committee. Check out his recommendations for sending an effective alert and other helpful resources.

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Why CodeRED?

There’s no question that having the means to communicate can impact the outcome of a disaster. Tragedies unfold every day where an alert system wasn’t implemented, or IPAWS wasn’t used. Being prepared and responsible means having the right system in place to allow your agency to provide alerts to save lives.

With a product like CodeRED, agency officials can be confident their response will help the community in a time of need.


Easy to Use

Leverage an intuitive software for simple, quick, one-click access during rapidly evolving emergencies.



Create clearly defined geographically targeted alerts to get information to the right people.


Trusted Partner

Partner with a vendor who has a strong relationship with FEMA and a system designed by and for public safety officials.

How It Works-CR-Featured-CTA

How It Works: OnSolve CodeRED

Discover exactly how OnSolve CodeRED helps agencies keep their communities safe and informed. Read this brochure to learn about key features, answers to the most common mass notification questions and see how fast and easy it is to send an alert.

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