Send IPAWS Alerts Instantly

The OnSolve IPAWS solution was designed by former public safety officials with ease-of-use in mind. It gives your government agency the ability to quickly and easily deploy IPAWS messages during stressful emergency situations.


Leverage an intuitive interface for simple, quick, one-click access during rapidly evolving emergency situations.


Instantly send emergency alerts through multiple communication channels simultaneously (WEA, EAS, NWEM and COG-to-COG).


Use clearly defined geospatial hazard areas to accurately target critical news, updates and instructions to people in the critical event area.

Leverage the Most Trusted IPAWS Alert Origination Software Provider

The OnSolve IPAWS solution is used by more than half of the IPAWS alerting authorities in the U.S. because of its optimized performance and time-tested functionality.

Optimized Performance
The solution is housed on redundant, dedicated servers in geographically separate data centers to ensure maximum availability and optimized performance.

Steadfast Functionality
Rest assured that our internet-based alerts are sent efficiently and remain steadfast where other systems may be overloaded or fail.

Trusted FEMA Partner
OnSolve participates with FEMA to provide the Joint Interoperability Test Command testing capability to our customers. FEMA regularly demonstrates our IPAWS solution at events across the country.

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