OnSolve Commissioned Forrester Report Cover. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Failure to Plan Is Planning to Fail

Are organizations prepared to proactively identify and manage risk? We asked Forrester Consulting to find out. They conducted a global survey of respondents responsible for their organizations’ risk, security, business continuity, incident management, crisis management, safety or critical event management response—and the results were surprising.

The Key to Accelerating and Streamlining Crisis Response

Empowered Teams. Errors Eliminated.

  • Mobilize employees to quickly access crisis response plans 24/7.
  • Ease high-stress environments for users with an easy-to-navigate workflow.

Quick Activation. Visible Information.

  • Activate response plans and loop in the right people immediately.
  • Eliminate delays from trying to locate files or make calls. All information is consolidated and ready for distribution.

Smooth Collaboration. Complete Monitoring.

  • Enable employees to collaborate using task-based assignments and tracking, as well as two-way chat if needed.
  • Give key stakeholders visibility to monitor the situation in real time.

Simplified Training. Gap Identification.

  • Improve response effectiveness through exercises and testing of your response plans.
  • Ensure compliance, while identifying gaps in your plans and areas for improvement.

How Does It Work?

Unites Response Teams Quickly

Leverage real-time command and control from anywhere to mobilize response teams instantly. Your entire team stays synchronized across all devices via our highly secure, always available SaaS app.

Reduces Time to Resolution

When every minute counts™, turn static response plans into living, interactive and actionable guides that are easy to update and distribute. Drive a faster return to normal operations through automated business continuity processes accessible on mobile devices.

Provides Post-Event Insights

A post-event, chronological audit trail ensures accurate tracking and accountability, as well as insights for future improvement. Ensure consistent compliance and performance for standard procedures and “everyday” emergencies.

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