How Will API Integration Help You Communicate Faster and More Efficiently?

Multiple Options. Expanded Functionality.

  • Connect your notification solution to business software for automatic updates to ensure information is always current.
  • Add notification and alerting features to any business system so you can simplify and accelerate communications.
  • Choose the best solution for your needs from a variety of pre-built API integrations – or build your own.

Single Source.
Faster Responses.

  • Initiate multimodal alerts using your preferred business software or OnSolve Critical Communications.
  • Manage contact data more efficiently by connecting your master database to the notification system.
  • Save time, money and effort by reaching the right people and groups every time.

Automated Steps. Effortless Execution.

  • Proactively define scenarios to trigger alerts without human intervention.
  • Reduce repair times by notifying key personnel automatically when IT breakdowns or interruptions occur.
  • Monitor workplace safety for incidents and instantly issue notifications as soon as danger is detected.

How Does It Work?

Easily Adds Alert Functionality

Compose and initiate the distribution of emergency or routine notifications quickly without altering current business processes. Two-way messaging allows you to confirm receipt instantly.

Keeps Contact Information Current

Directly upload data to the notification system or sync with your master database on a regular schedule. Configuration and data files are backed up daily, so you know your message will always reach your target.

Alerts Teams to Critical Issues

Continuous monitoring of systems and applications allows you to detect events early. When an incident occurs, a pre-defined workflow based on business rules is triggered, alerting appropriate staff with the actions they need to take.

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