Identify High-Risk Locations in Real Time

OnSolve Risk Intelligence uses AI and machine learning to gather data from local, regional, national and international sources to give you deeper insights into threats at the global and hyper-local level. It cross-references sources to validate data, and sends you alerts about COVID-19 hazards at specific locations in real-time.

Data Visualization Dashboard

Track your assets around the globe, including dynamic maps of COVID-19 outbreaks and real-time movements of employees and logistics.

Destination Research Portal

View summarized travel bans and advisories, as well as government-mandated restrictions, country risk ratings and recent incident reports.

Real-Time Intelligence Reports

Leverage actionable intelligence to warn workers of hotspots, issue quarantine instructions or extract an employee from an affected area.

Lower the Risk of COVID-19 Outbreaks with Contact Tracing

Unlike platforms that rely on Bluetooth technology, OnSolve uses GPS-enabled smartphone data to pinpoint employees’ precise locations. That information can be used in geo-fencing, an advanced component of the OnSolve solution for organizational contact tracing.


  1. Maps areas where outbreaks have occurred
  2. Traces employees who have visited those areas
  3. Overlays maps with employee location tracking data
  4. Refines employee movements with timestamps
  5. Delivers actionable intelligence so you can test, isolate and assist exposed or infected employees

Location ghosting, a powerful privacy feature, can be used by travelers to randomize their location on the map within a five kilometer radius.

Quickly Alert Employees in Any Location

OnSolve Critical Communications lets you notify, engage, protect and assist remote and traveling employees during the global health crisis.

Send Your Messages Globally

Deliver critical, time-sensitive alerts, wherever your employees work.

Reach People on Their Devices

Geo-target alerts in multiple languages via any device, any time.

Control Your Alert Security

Send secure, encrypted messages with logging and role-based permissions.

Gather Real-Time Responses

Collect data from employees using simple surveys and text responses.

Navigate Disruptions to Operations

The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management uses real-time data collection, risk intelligence reporting and global notification and alerting capabilities that empower you to detect and respond to disruptions in your supply chain as they unfold.

Balance Production

Move manufacturing if the pandemic causes shutdown at one of your plants.

Avoid Hotspots

Reroute transport from carriers in COVID-19-affected areas to other carriers.

Expand Your Network

Protect your company from points of failure in the supply chain.

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