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We had a tornado go through our city and CodeRED Weather Warning helped our citizens with early notification. Fortunately, we didn’t have any fatalities, but 300 homes were completely destroyed. CodeRED Weather Warning gave residents early warning with extra time to prepare.”

Fire Chief Thomas Griffith

City of Lancaster, TX
City of Lancaster - Tornado

Why CodeRED Weather Warning?

Alerts are launched from CodeRED moments after a bulletin has been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) with no staff action required. It takes the pressure off your internal resources while ensuring your community remains informed.

Automated Alerts

Deliver advanced warning automatically after NWS issues a bulletin. Alerts are sent via calls, texts and emails to subscribers.

Precise Targeting

CodeRED targets recipients based on their geographical location so you can ensure recipients only receive relevant messages.

Access to CodeRED

In addition to weather alerts, you’ll access the entire CodeRED system to send alerts from any device in North America.

CodeRED in Action

Chickasaw County uses CodeRED to Alert Residents of Extreme Weather

From tornadoes to ice storms, Chickasaw County officials needed a fast, dependable and affordable means to alert citizens of pending natural disasters affecting their 17,000 residents.

Using CodeRED, officials can now reach citizens across the county by phone, text, mobile app, TTD and more with critical alerts and recovery information. Residents are better informed and safer when they receive fast, actionable guidance.

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