Automate Delivery of Severe Weather Alerts

Automatically deliver advanced warning of severe weather as soon as the National Weather Service issues a bulletin. Alerts are sent via calls, texts and emails to subscribers.

 Leverage the National Weather Service 

Seamless integration with the National Weather Service allows the CodeRED system to target recipients based on geographic location of weather alerts.

Send Alerts Via Mobile Application

Instantly send push notifications to users who have downloaded the CodeRED Mobile Alert App and are in the projected path of the incoming storm.

Alerted to Extreme Weather, Chickasaw County’s Residents Stay Safe

From tornadoes to ice storms, Chickasaw County officials needed a fast, dependable and affordable means to alert citizens of pending natural disasters affecting their 17,000 residents.

Using OnSolve CodeRED, officials can now reach citizens across the county by phone, text, mobile app, TTD and more with critical alerts and recovery information. Residents are better informed and safer when they receive fast, actionable guidance.

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