Identify Threats by Proximity and Take Action

OnSolve Risk Intelligence provides real-time, actionable intelligence about adverse events that can impact your executive team. It leverages the power of AI to enable your security team to identify pre-incident indicators, assess risk and mitigate potential threats before it’s too late.

Automated Alerts in Your Choice of Format

Get detailed reports sent automatically to your executive team via text or email based on events happening near their travel locations or future destinations.

Fleet and High-Precision Location Tracking

Use GPS tracking on executive vehicles to assess proximity to critical events, and precisely track locations of executive staff down to 20-60 meters to ensure safety.

Fixed Location Monitoring and Risk Intelligence Map

Monitor locations prior to executive travel, as well as critical events in real time. Locate executive staff quickly via mobile app location tracking and itinerary details.

Travel Search Filters

Search attributes like rail station, flight number and more in urgent situations to alert executive staff quickly.

2-Way Chat Feature

Enable executive protection teams to communicate quickly and easily via a mobile application.

Safeguard Executives with Early Warnings

OnSolve Risk Intelligence allows security teams to be proactive and work collaboratively to keep executives safe, whether they’re in the office, traveling domestically or outside the country.

With OnSolve, you can:

  1. Quickly identify relevant events that impact your executive team in real time on a global risk intelligence map.
  2. Uncover potential threats with precise location and comprehensive vehicle tracking.
  3. Empower your security team with the information they need to protect your executives in a coordinated and timely manner.
  4. Minimize potential security risks.

The need to prepare for the inevitable has never been greater. Ensure an informed, well-coordinated response to keep executives safe with OnSolve.

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