Save Time, Reduce Costs and Ensure Quality-of-Care

Senior living communities must be prepared to communicate with staff, residents and families in a clear and concise way. Day-to-day and crisis or emergency mass notifications both protect residents and employees while minimizing disruptions in patient care. Beyond disaster readiness, the One Call Now mass notification system can deploy staffing alerts to minimize being short-staffed, and residents can be kept engaged with reminders about events and activities.

How can you engage residents and families through effective communication?

Rapid Mass Notification

One Call Now is not your typical healthcare alerting solution. Send voice (cell or landline), email and/or text messages to a defined, target group.

Keep Residents Engaged

Good communication keeps residents – at all levels of care – safe and involved. Keeping residents informed and aware of events and the overall community also keeps them healthy.

Save Staff Time

Staff members benefit, too, with notifications that save supervisors hours of phone time. Notify employees of training, contact off-duty or part-time staffers to fill open spots and confirm shift assignments.

Communicate and Engage

Get in touch with your residents and families easily. Target resident communication to improve quality of life:

  • Send just-in-time event reminders
  • CC residents’ families on messages
  • Schedule meal and medication reminders


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