Mass Notification 101

The mass notification system (MNS) has quickly become must-have technology for organizations to strengthen communications with all their stakeholders. Discover 5 key takeaways for your organization.

Why Use OnSolve for Customer Notifications?

While good marketing attracts customers, excellent communication ensures they keep coming back. And the very best communication is targeted. Need to alert your customers about a special offer? Want to invite them to a promotional event? OnSolve One Call Now allows you to communicate with your customers using customized voice messages, texts and emails.

Don’t spend big bucks on an “all-purpose” advertisement. Instead, send a personalized update—it’s quicker, more effective and more affordable.

Targeted Alerts.
Right Message.

  • Deliver relevant information to the right people.
  • Send notifications about shipments, appointments, sales and more.
  • Alert your customers and staff about emergency situations.

Improve Retention.
Reduce Costs.

  • Engage loyal customers with a regular drumbeat of news.
  • Gather feedback easily to improve services.
  • Deliver messages with greater efficiency for one annual price with no per-call or long-distance charges.

Versatile System.
Reliable Service.

  • Translate your message based on your customers’ preferences.
  • Send alerts through any device, including phone, email, SMS and more.
  • Trust the fully redundant, 100 percent web-based service.

 How can you improve communication?

How Does It Work?

Deliver Notifications to the Right Customers

Create an unlimited number of contact subgroups— from one contact to thousands— so that you can target your audience to receive only specific, relevant communications. 

Spend More Time on More Valuable Tasks

Eliminate manual processes and reduce the chance of human error by using automated alerts to remind patients about appointments, notify customers of bills past due and more.

Reach People on Any Device, In Any Language

Send messages in multiple formats according to the urgency of the situation and the contact’s preference for text, email, phone call, or mobile app. Deliver alerts in any language.

Assess Effectiveness with Real-Time Reporting 

See continuous status updates as soon as your message is sent. Know who was successfully reached, gain access to polling responses and manage erroneous phone numbers immediately.

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