The Industry Leader in School Messaging Systems

It’s Never Been Easier to Reach Everyone Quickly

You’ll find our school messaging systems everywhere from preschools to K-12 to colleges and universities—from brick-and-mortar facilities to online academies.  The One Call Now automated calling system for schools empowers educational institutions to communicate with students, staff, families, and surrounding communities.

How We Help


Reaching parents in their preferred way will improve school communication and engagement. One Call Now gives administrators the ability to schedule and send thousands of calls, texts, and emails to parents and staff in seconds. You can even reach your audience through our school notification app.  Whether you need to send an emergency alert to parents or remind staff of an upcoming in-service day, One Call Now can quickly and reliably get the message out


Today, communities are multicultural and many times English is not the first language of those you need to reach. One Call Now supports translation to 19 different languages for voice messages and 52 languages for text messages. The results? Better communication with all of your parents.

Fast and Reliable

Don’t take chances; school emergencies happen every day. When you need to alert staff, parents, responders, and the community to a crisis, our safe school helpline can deliver the message in minutes with a 100% uptime guarantee

Advanced Contact Management to Reach the Right Audience

  • Manually edit your contacts
  • Import contacts from a spreadsheet
  • Synchronize information with an existing database

Multiple Delivery Options to Manage Your Reach

  • Choose who you want to receive the message
  • Pick the channel: voice message, text message or email (or all 3)
  • Hit “send” for immediate delivery, or schedule to deliver later

Complete Reporting Tools to Improve Your Communication

  • Get Useful Feedback Reports
  • Who received your message and when?
  • What numbers or addresses were undeliverable?
  • Receive quick answers to questions asked in your message

How can you improve communication?

Supporting Elementary and Secondary Schools

Our automated K-12 school notification systems make elementary and secondary school communication efficient and affordable.  Regardless of your school’s size or location—whether you’re a public school, charter school or private institution—One Call Now’s school communication system can integrate seamlessly with your database. This will allow you to schedule texts and calls or instantly alert all necessary parties about school emergencies, delays, and cancellations. But that’s just the beginning! By implementing voice, SMS text, and email messaging, our systems offer countless uses and opportunities:

  • Increase family and community involvement by promoting events and programs
  • Setup each school building with their own messengers in the One Call Now system
  • Automate school attendance calls and sub calls for absent teachers
  • Automate low lunch balance alerts
  • Track and document phone calls to see who received absentee updates
  • Schedule text messages to remind parents of upcoming tuition payments and application deadlines
  • Organize groups within your contact list for specific team communications, such as PTO or Athletic Boosters
  • Integrate with social media
  • Save money by reducing paper, printing, and postage costs.

We offer all these benefits with a 100% uptime guarantee! Implementing group messaging and a school emergency alert system for your school has never been this easy and reasonably priced. One Call Now is the missing piece in your school communication plan.

Tangible Advantages For Virtual Schools

Virtual Education is poised for unprecedented growth.  However, despite their popularity, these schools often face one main challenge: student retention.

So how do you keep independent learners engaged—and enrolled? With efficient school communication and feedback. One Call Now’s school communication system allows you to stay connected with students across the globe. While some people think of online education as being computer-based, we can help your institution use voice messaging and text blasts to reach out and share information. Our group messaging for schools can build a strong sense of community for students and staff alike. Long-distance will no longer be a problem for your online learners.

Shopping for a Notification Service

Notification systems play a key role in a good overall communication plan for educational institutions, and there are significant differences between services. Whether you are dealing with weather warnings, a class ring sale, or tuition reminders, evaluate the options and make sure your communication needs are covered.

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