With One Call Now just record or type your message, select recipients, and push a button. We’ll take care of the rest.

One Call Now delivers your message to everybody on your designated contact list. Send it as your choice of a phone call, SMS text message, email, or push notification. Responsive, reliable, and simple to use.

One Call Now: How It Works Brochure

Learn just how simple it is to improve your group communication

From how to add contacts, to ways to send messages, this simple guide provides quick answers and simple screenshots.

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Add and Manage Contacts

  • Add or edit them manually
  • Import them from a spreadsheet
  • Synchronize information with an existing database



Choose Who, How, and When

  • Choose who you want to receive the message
  • Pick the channel: voice message, text message or email (or all 3)
  • Hit “send” for immediate delivery, or schedule to deliver later


Get Useful Feedback Reports

  • Who received your message and when
  • Answers to any questions you asked in your message
  • Any numbers or addresses that were undeliverable

Everything You Need To Effectively Message

Unlimited Messaging

Plans include unlimited calls, texts, push notifications, and emails for one annual price with no per-call or long-distance charges.


Send messages in multiple formats according to the urgency of the situation and contact preference of text message, email, phone call, or mobile app. Senders can also select multiple formats for urgent messages.

Smartphone App

Download our free smartphone app for message sending ease.

Import Contacts

Upload contacts from CSV or spreadsheet files, or by exporting or integrating with an existing database program such as Salesforce or Outlook.

Targeting Messages To The Right Contacts

Create an unlimited number of contact subgroups— from one contact to thousands—for targeting your audience with relevant communications. Additional filter fields allow users to dynamically create groups.


Don’t like the sound of your own voice? Our text-to-speech feature converts typed text to an audio file and delivers your message in your choice of natural sounding voices.

Real-Time Reporting

See continuous status updates as soon as your message is sent. Know who was successfully reached, gain access to polling responses, and manage erroneous phone numbers immediately.

Audio Library

Pre-record messages and save them for use any time. This feature is ideal for both standard and recurring events.


Is it easy to create and send messages?

Yes! It only takes a minute or two to message tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts via your internet-connected device, our mobile phone app (Android and iOS), or phone.

How much does it cost?

Less than you think, thanks to a customizable plan aimed at fitting your precise needs with only the features you will actually use. Our customers routinely save money over traditional communication methods, such as creating fliers, mail notices, bulletins and phone trees. And because efficiency is built-into your plan, One Call Now won’t drain your budget. Just give us a call or complete a request and we’ll be happy to suggest a plan for you

How do I know my broadcasts have been received?

One Call Now customers receive reports containing receipt information for every message they send. Voice, text, and email messages all have delivery confirmation. Additionally, voice messages allow users to identify whether the notification was received by a person or a voice mail.

How do I get started? How long does it take?

You can send messages the same day you purchase a plan. It’s as simple as logging into a website or making a phone call.

What types of devices can I use to send my messages?

You can use:

  • Any phone (cell or landline)
  • Any internet-connected device, including tablets
  • The One Call Now mobile app

With this level of flexibility you can send an alert from almost anywhere, anytime.

How recipients receive my messages?

One Call Now messages can be received on:

  • Any phone (mobile or landline)
  • Any internet-connected device, including tablets

Messages are receivable as:

  • Phone calls
  • SMS text messages
  • Emails
  • App push notifications

Infographic: Account Setup and Message Send

One Call Now’s group messaging services give you access to automated tools that send your text, voice, and email messages to any size group. It turns your phone or your computer into a mass-messaging powerhouse.

  • It’s simple: Create an account and designate contact groups.
  • It’s fast: Send messages to a just a few contacts or to thousands—in minutes.
  • It’s reliable: Trust that messages will hit their targets.
  • It’s valuable: We can deliver mass notification services for any budget.

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